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Frequently Asked Questions

If You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers!

We provide full system support of installations we do as a company. You may call us @ 314-332-2030 and will will schedule a no-cost service call to your home Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM to assess you service needs. From there you will receive a written estimate for repairs.

How about 3X’s? Lighting a home properly is like adorning the right outfit with jewelry. Great outdoor lighting adds value to the architecture design, security and functionality of a home.

We’ve not been asked for a refund – yet. However, our work is accompanied with a one-year workmanship guarantee. Meaning, should there be a fault with our installation and problems occur with your system (if the fault is with our installation) for one year following installation we will repair all issues at our cost. Past our work, our manufacturers provide 5-15 year warranties on LEDs and fixtures installed. Should you have a problem with faulty equipment, and we discern it it the fault of the manufacturer, we will, at no cost to you replace/repair any/all faulty products to maintain the upkeep of your system.

On average a well lit front yard and back yard configuration can be done in one business day. A complicated system requiring the up-lighting of trees, shrubbery, pool systems and decks requiring much digging, hard scape integration and more often take 2+ days to properly install. Each system is unique and we will provide an up-front time table for each project we bid.

You have the right to cancel at any time. However, please be aware at the time of bid-approval a 50% down payment is required for the purchasing of your system. Most often components of lighting systems are exclusively purchased for each individual home. Therefore, once purchased, if a system is cancelled or returned a 20% restocking fee will apply to products purchased.

A transformer is the component that takes the 120 volts AC and transforms it to typically 12 volts AC, sometimes 24 volts AC. The driver is the same type of piece but takes 120 volts Ac to 12 or 15 volts DC and is made for LED lighting. Often this driver is smaller in physical size than a transformer.

Once we quote and bid a system, the only additional costs associated with our system are:

  • replacement bulbs (not LED)
  • repairs due to accidents, etc.
  • additionally requested and upgraded components (items added after bid)

Let’s face it, accidents happen. Should an accident occur with your system we will provide a minimally invasive and cost effective bid to get your system back online.

Past that, the only costs you will incur are the costs for replacement bulbs, should it not be an LED system – or – the costs you incur adding to or upgrading a current lighting system.

While it is still the industry norm to use appropriately safety tested products, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the use of non-safety certified products of late, mostly coming from China. Many skip this testing and some manufacturers can sell their products for less and undercut legitimate, properly tested products. If these products cause an electrical fire or other malfunction, your insurance policy would most likely not cover the resulting damage.

Be sure to ask us and see the certification stamp or sticker on a demonstration fixture.

Super-bright white LEDs have the advantage of minimal lumen depreciation, better optical efficiency and high lumens per watt. LEDs also have a vastly longer life span than traditional lamp sources. The luminaire must be designed to leverage these inherent advantages of LEDs.

As well, BetaLED luminaires  have an environmental advantage in that they contain no mercury, are RoHS compliant, last longer and produce less waste. In fact, 20 to 25% (by weight) of the product is made using post-consumer recycled materials (aluminum castings and extrusions). Furthermore, 70% (by weight) of BetaLED fixtures are readily recyclable. The remaining LED circuit boards, drivers, wires and connectors are all non-hazardous, mercury-free, and RoHS compliant.

The difference between the lighting products used by Outdoor Lighting Solutions and ones you can purchase at your home improvement store is quality, warranty, and receiving a professionally designed system.

The quality of the materials used by OLS is evident once you handle and actually feel the fixtures; solid brass and copper, instead of copper plated. The advancements in powder coating found in top quality aluminum fixtures prevents corrosion and other damage to your system. Our manufacturers stand behind their products and provide excellent warranties. Store-bought fixtures do not hold up to the elements, causing untimely replacements and service calls.

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