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Bistro Lighting

Bistro Lighting

We have been stringing bistro lighting up all over St. Louis: From backyards, to bar patios and even on a lakeside pier!

From the outside, it seems straightforward: get the lights, get some hooks, hang the lights on the hooks and plug them in. Easy, right?

However, we have lost count how many times we were called for a quote to see a project that needs an overhaul. That is the type of bistro lighting that requires a professional touch. Most of the time the bistro lighting will require posts to be concreted in, steel cable to hold the weight and a unique perspective for the design.

These are the issues that make our bistro lighting installations so interesting. They provide a simple, subtle and warm environment to enjoy the evening without blasting everything with too much light.

The bigger the area, the more involved the project becomes and having a professional hanging lights sometimes 20 or more feet is alone worth the investment.

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