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Backyard Landscape & Hardscape Lighting

Backyard Landscape & Hardscape Lighting

Your back yard may have a pool, a water feature, a playhouse, a patio or a deck, a firepit or even a flower garden and we have a solution to make each of them bright and visible at night.

There are plenty of lighting options for your back yard that can be applied in so many ways. We know how to take each element that you’ve invested time and energy in and give you the ability to enjoy it all year long.

If you are throwing a late-night summer pool party, the lighting should be warm and subtle so everybody sees where they’re going and can enjoy all the aspects of your back yard without feeling like they’re standing in a lit parking lot.

If you have a deck, we can illuminate the railing and stairs for the safety of you and your guests. Our fixtures also highlight the beauty of both, the material and the design you’ve chosen for the deck itself.

We offer solutions for the pathways leading back from the front yard, or trails leading to a gazebo – any hideaway you’ve created for yourself or your family.

Lighting a water feature is perhaps one of the most rewarding view for a human’s eye due to the nature of seeing the lights shine through the water, both moving and still. We have experience in putting lights in various water features, from tiny fountains to two-story high waterfalls with falls and curves and landscaping all throughout. Our favorite is using blue or color changing lighting to create an amazing “Wow!” factor.

Do you have an outdoor cooking area? We often use cap lighting that hides under the front lip of a countertop and shines light down the counter and onto the deck or patio area. We also utilize these hardscape fixtures for retaining walls, other concrete/wood surfaces and even downlighting from 25 or 30 feet up a tree or structure.

A fire pit is the place to be, especially on chilly fall evenings. Whether you’re having friends over for drinks or the kids are making s’mores, safety around the fire pit goes a long way to ensuring you keep having a great time and enjoying the atmosphere.

Our main goal is to take any and every element of your back yard and unify them for a beautiful nighttime experience that you can enjoy for years to come.

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