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Outdoor Lighting in St. Louis

Enhance safety and create a sense of welcome for any commercial property with the right outdoor lighting. It makes a huge difference. Well-designed outdoor lighting takes commercial property from dull to dynamic.

Property owners, business owners, real estate agents, and corporate event managers in the St. Louis area: whether you’re looking for increased security or a polished, upscale image, we can make it happen.

If security is the focus, we can install low-voltage security lights at key points around the property. Don’t ignore those vulnerable points and shadowy corners. We can even install custom-built poles for those places where there’s not a structure to use as a lighting mount.

If you’re thinking about corporate image, a well-designed and efficient outdoor lighting system makes all the difference. Let us install uplighting for the front of the building for a polished look. Strategic landscape lighting around the premises is subtle yet impressive and creates a great atmosphere.

When it comes to corporate events, remember that outdoor lighting is a key ingredient in atmosphere. We can work with you to design a lighting system–permanent or temporary–for the mood and experience you want:

  • Bistro lights for a cafe-like atmosphere on the patio
  • Walkway lights to lead guests from one area to another
  • Spotlights that show off architectural or landscape features
  • String lights in any season for a festive mood
  • Dimmable lights to adjust the tone throughout an event

We know how to combine the best outdoor lighting fixtures with smart lighting system design for efficient and hassle-free corporate outdoor lighting.

Special Event and Venue Lighting

Special events call for special lighting. Venue managers and event planners, this service is for you. We can help you deliver the perfect atmosphere every time with customized outdoor lighting.

Permanent systems: Increase the security, safety, and desirability of your venue with a complete outdoor lighting system. We will work with you to design a customized outdoor lighting system that creates the atmosphere you want. We use best-quality fixtures and lighting components for a lighting system that will last through the seasons and keep the venue looking its best.

Temporary lighting: Create the right mood for special events and the right look for holidays with temporary lighting. From string lights to spotlights, our clients count on us to design the right combination for the needed atmosphere.

Outdoor lighting for weddings: String lights, bistro lights, subtle spotlights, and beautiful landscape lighting build a magical atmosphere from the wedding march to the last toast. Lead guests from ceremony to reception with walkway lights. With the right lighting, everyone can look great in that photo booth.

Lighting tiers for event ambiance: We can design a lighting system for your venue that can be used and offered in separate tiers. This allows you to give your clients more options and to customize the ambiance for each event. Outdoor lighting from colorful lights in a water feature to moonscaping in the garden can become part of your event packages.

We love designing the right system and creating solutions so our clients get exactly what they want. Let us work with you to create the best outdoor lighting for your venue, weddings, and special events.