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Home Uplighting

Home Uplighting Installation

Home uplighting is the #1 reason our phones are ringing all year long. People contact us for a variety of reasons, but at the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing: Their home to look beautiful and to feel secure. Our low-voltage landscape lighting system accomplishes exactly that.

Having the vision and the ability to execute it using time tested products and resources is what we can bring to the table. If you need examples, chances are that we have done a house near you that you can go scout for yourself. We love to show off our work and so do our clients!

We work with all sorts of home and budget sizes. We offer multiple brands and lines of home uplighting to make sure you get the best options for your project. And we have done home uplighting installs for homes all over the St. Louis area!

Since lighting a home with unique architecture can be a bit tricky, we offer every customer our time in the evening during the demo process to make adjustments and make sure the final result is exactly as they pictured it.

Just by putting spotlights in the mulch and pointing them out will make your house feel stark and industrial. A few concerns we typically hear from new clients are “I don’t want it to feel like a parking lot” and “I don’t want it to look like we’re spotlighting a prison all night!”

Once you’ve seen your home with landscape lighting at night, you will feel the difference immediately. We have never experienced a true landscape lighting emergency, but if the power goes out, a critter chews a line, or something stops working…we do get lots of ’emergency’ voicemails to help get them back on ASAP! That’s how important the home uplighting is to many of our customers.

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