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Entryway & Subdivision Lighting

Entryway & Subdivision Lighting

We have installed new, replaced old and repaired existing landscape lighting for entryways and subdivisions all over the greater St. Louis area.

When a Homeowner’s Association comes together, the biggest battle is almost always the budget on a project. This means that we have to be competitive, since most of the time homeowners want to use their personal lighting company and we have to show them why we are the best.

Our biggest key to success in existing subdivisions is utilizing our Retro-Fit systems to replace old halogen or incandescent lamps with LED lamps without replacing the wiring, transformer, timer or even the fixture. This is just an upgrade that sometimes comes with a little repair work, but ultimately gets you all new LED lighting, without the big budget of a complete system overhaul.

In a new subdivision, a new, fully integrated LED lighting system should seriously be considered from the very beginning. The warranties are twice as long or better in some cases and knowing that the subdivision will be there far longer than most residents, it’s critical to invest in the longevity of its beauty.

We illuminate brick and stone monuments, massive trees and long islands full of flowers, bushes, river rocks and anything else put in place to make your subdivision unique. This is especially important during short winter days when it’s dark outside on the drive home from work. Plus, your guests will never miss their turn trying to find your subdivision in the dark!

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