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Premier Outdoor Lighting in St. Louis for a Sparkling Fall

premier outdoor lighting

Fall in St. Louis is magnificent, and reminds us why we all stay here to sweat and suffer through the high humidity and blazing temperatures of summer. Yes, the pools are closing, and summer fun is winding down. But fall brings a new set of rhythms, with days of calm routine, cool evenings, and plenty of reasons to enjoy your outdoor spaces. With premier outdoor lighting installed, your St. Louis fall can be sparkling.

Assess Your Lighting Needs

Take a tour of your yard, entryway, and outdoor spaces one evening after the sun has set. Remember that the days will be growing shorter as we move into fall, and outdoor lighting in the right places will become even more important if you want to enjoy those cool evenings. As you stroll around your home, notice where light is missing. Are pathways obscured by shadow? Is the backdoor poorly lit? Do you have a lovely seating area that disappears when the sun goes down? These are the areas you can fully enjoy all through a St. Louis fall with the right type of outdoor lighting.

Make an Entryway Statement

Your entryway represents your presence and the welcome you extend to family, friends, and neighbors. It’s worth a little more attention than the standard, contractor-installed porch light that’s been up for decades. Upgrading your entryway lights is a simple way to make a statement and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Pick a fixture in keeping with the style of your home to bring a cohesive, upscale, finished look to your home’s exterior.

Light Up the Walkways

Pathway lighting gets more important as the days shorten. Ensure that everyone stays safe and that your home and outdoor spaces are welcoming, from dusk to dawn, with appropriate, streamlined walkway lighting. Path lights are an essential part of premier outdoor lighting for your St. Louis home-like entryway lights, they provide welcome and a sense of safety. They also provide direction, encouraging foot traffic to walk the designated paths.

Light Up Your Seasonal Decor

You may put a lot of effort into the perfect seasonal decorations, and your home looks brilliant during daylight. Don’t overlook the right lighting that will make your decor pop at night. If you’re arranging pumpkins, hanging a fresh wreath, or putting in perfectly blooming mums, make it all pop with a few lights at just the right angle and intensity.

Speaking of seasonal lighting: did you know that we install holiday lights? That’s right! Contact us now to get on our schedule now for the easiest holiday light installation ever.

Upgrade Your Favorite Seating Area

As the weather grows cooler, having premier outdoor lighting in your St. Louis home will help you make the most of it. You can enjoy those outdoor living areas even more, so get them ready and make the most of every magical fall moment. Give the cushions a thorough cleaning. Put in pathway lights to designate the easiest walkway. Install spotlights to create visual interest nearby—why not highlight a beautiful tree, new landscaping, or architectural feature? Finally, consider the lighting you need to create ambiance for a relaxed evening chat. You want to easily see each other’s faces, but avoid a glare. There are plenty of options; the perfect fixture and position will depend on how your seating area is set up.

Make Your Firepit Magical

There’s absolutely nothing better than sitting around a fire on a crisp autumn night. Make your firepit and surrounding area absolutely magical with the right outdoor lights. You can use pathway lights to safely lead from the house to the seating area around the fire; pathway lights also work well to create an outer perimeter, so it feels like a cozy, safe gathering place. Consider bistro lights, which can be mounted from trees or freestanding poles—to provide needed ambient light without detracting from the magical glow of the fire. Add some s’mores and apple cider and you’ve created a perfect St. Louis fall evening.

Plan for Fall Activities

As summer fades, summer activities transition into fall. It may be time to close the pool, but you can still enjoy outdoor fun like corn hole, horseshoes, croquet, volleyball, and more during the fall afternoons and evenings. Think about the best area for this type of play, and install a few well-placed spotlights to provide visibility. Of course, don’t forget a couple of seats for the parents’ perennial favorite: sipping wine and waiting for the kids to wear themselves out for bedtime.

Light Up the Foliage

Fall foliage in St. Louis is magnificent, and premier outdoor lighting can maximize your enjoyment. It’s such a fleeting and dramatic time, so why not make the most of it? Professionally installed spotlights, placed at the right angle and distance, will light up the changing colors in your favorite trees.

Summer barbecues? We love them in St. Louis. But don’t pack up the grilling gear because school’s started. Fall is the ideal time for outdoor dinners and easy-going gatherings. Since the daylight fades sooner, it’s key to have good outdoor lights installed so you can see what you’re cooking and what you’re eating. Pack away the pool gear, set out some potted mums, put up an outdoor chandelier or bistro lights, and get ready for fall-time feasting.

At Outdoor Lighting Solutions, we’re ready to help meet all your premier outdoor lighting needs. St. Louis loves us, and we love St. Louis! Get in touch to get an estimate, and don’t forget to schedule your holiday lighting installation.

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