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7 Ways Residential Outdoor Lighting Can Increase Home Value

Improvements to your home’s landscaping can have a significant impact on the overall value. Landscaping improvements can add 15-20% to a home’s resale value. But not all landscaping projects have the same impact. The best ones, experts say, are the landscaping projects that add outdoor living space and increase the beauty of a property without adding high maintenance demands. A well-designed outdoor lighting system can do both. And, not only does outdoor lighting bring value to your home for its own sake, good outdoor lighting also highlights and adds value to other landscaping features. 

Here’s how outdoor lighting can increase your home’s value.

Improved aesthetics

Well-designed outdoor lighting enhances the overall appearance of your home by adding layers of depth and dimension to its exterior. Imagine the first impression made when visitors see a softly welcoming, well-lit home against the backdrop of a night sky… versus the first impression made of a dark structure poorly lit by a couple of security lights on the eaves. It’s a world of difference. 

An updated look

One of the best ways to make your home look updated is with outdoor lighting. Uplighting, for example, makes any home look polished and elegant. When you add a few more strategic lighting placements and update the fixtures, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to make the whole exterior feel modern and fresh. 

Enhanced curb appeal

With improved aesthetics and an updated look and feel, of course your home’s curb appeal is going to increase. Curb appeal can seem like a vague concept, but it’s simple: it’s how attractive your home seems, how welcoming it feels, from the outside. It’s worth putting the effort in to improve this aspect of how your home appears to others. Your home may have a lovely, inviting, spacious interior but without curb appeal, it’s missing the essential ingredient that gets people to feel welcome and want to come through the door. 

Functional outdoor space

The importance of outdoor living space has only increased in the past few years. People want areas they can relax, entertain, and enjoy being outside — areas that feel like an extension of their home’s indoor living spaces. Outdoor lighting is key to creating this kind of ambiance, and making these spaces usable and comfortable from afternoon into the night. 

The right outdoor lighting for an outdoor space might be quite simple. Maybe it’s a few well-placed sconces or lanterns around an outdoor kitchen, or bistro lights over a seating area. Or a circle of pathway lights around an outdoor fire pit. The right lighting sets each space apart, makes it feel comfortable and safe, and lends a bit of magic. 

Highlighting outdoor features

If you’ve put work into your home’s landscaping, added a water feature or hardscaping, or made other improvements, you can use outdoor lighting to highlight each one. And outdoor lighting can also highlight what you appreciate about your home’s exterior. Maybe it’s an architectural element or the old oak trees in the front yard. Lighting brings subtle, elegant attention to the beautiful features you enjoy and want others to appreciate.

Improved safety and security

Good lighting helps everyone enjoy outdoor areas and stay safe. Think practically: good lighting on the steps, along walkways, and near railing makes it easy for people to see where they’re going and move without stumbling. A well-lit home is also a deterrent to intruders. Warm lights around the house send a clear welcome to those you’ve invited, and provide a clear warning signal that this home is cared for and protected.

Customization options

Sometimes the improvements made to a home aren’t as valuable to the next owners. We all have different preferences. You don’t want to put money into upgrades that won’t be seen as an improvement by others. Outdoor lighting systems create a structure that can be customized for anyone’s needs and preferences. They don’t tie you down to one particular way of using your outdoor spaces. Instead, they open up all the possibilities. And that’s a key with making home improvements to add value: you want subsequent owners to see all the potential you did, and be able to imagine themselves enjoying the space in their own way. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your home with a professional outdoor lighting system that’s custom designed for you, get in touch. We love working with St. Louis homeowners to create the best lighting for their homes. 

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