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7 Outdoor Living Space Upgrades to Make The Neighbors Jealous

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Maybe you love your neighbors. Maybe you’ve built trust and connection through backyard barbecues and block parties. Even so… having the home with more curb appeal or an absolutely stunning backyard is satisfying. You’d like to see their eyes light up the next time they come over. And hey, if they get just a little bit jealous of your outdoor living spaces, they might be motivated to improve theirs, too. These seven outdoor living space upgrades will secure your home’s spot as the star of the neighborhood.

#1. Upgraded Lights to Outshine Your Neighbors

Your front porch or entryway welcomes people into your home, so you want it to make the very best of impressions. New and improved entryway lighting is a great way to upgrade your outdoor space. Those old, dingy lights can be new updated fabulous fixtures that complement your home. There is a trend for every style and decor preference. Don’t forget the path leading to your entry, either. Light up that winding sidewalk with sleek, modern fixtures or more ornate lanterns. 

#2. Add A Wonderful Lighted Water Feature 

Water features add a sense of calm and relaxation to any outdoor space. They can be as small as a patio fountain or as large as a backyard pond complete with koi fish. To upgrade on a budget, a fountain that fits seamlessly into your backyard landscaping may be just the ticket. Find the perfect spot, then add lighting so it’s a visual feature you can enjoy after dark. 

If a pond is more your style, then you will want to look for a local landscaping or pond company to help you plan the best spot, size, and additional features for your backyard. They can help expertly install the pond, and a pond company will help you stock it with fish and maintain and close the pond safely if you live in a climate with cold winters. LED pond lights can be installed underwater (or even floating) to turn your pond into a magical nighttime oasis and set the mood for your parties in the evening. 

#3. Just Hangin’ in a Hammock

Nothing says stress-free living quite like a hammock or hammock chair. Hammocks add an instant charm and wow-factor with very little cost and no major installation work. Hammock and hammock chair stands can be placed anywhere in your backyard. You can also find adjustable hammock hanging straps at online retailers or most home improvement stores. Complete your hammock paradise with string lights hung in the tree above and an outdoor beverage holder that stakes in the ground, and you are sure to be the envy of your neighbors. Who wouldn’t want to take a cat nap or read a book under the twinkling lights with a drink close by?

#4. Bring in A Bistro Cafe Experience

Outdoor dining is one of the most enjoyable parts of having a beautiful backyard patio or porch. There is nothing as lovely as having a cup of coffee and a bagel in the morning or evening glass of wine or cup of tea out in your favorite patio chair after a long day. To elevate your outdoor dining space, add lighting. Bistro lights strung around your patio or deck give it that quaint cafe vibe and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even before the sun is up and long after it has set. Add in some outdoor lanterns when you have a party or dinner, and you will be the talk of the neighborhood.

#5. A Fire Pit Feature Adds Warmth

Is any true backyard retreat complete without a fire pit? It’s the perfect addition for summer nights as daytime BBQ transitions into the evening, or for fall and winter evenings with a blanket while toasting smores. Adding a fire pit to your backyard oasis is sure to make many memories (and a few jealous neighbors). You can have a firepit either inground or above ground professionally installed or follow one of the many do-it-yourself plans available online. If you are looking for a more straightforward install, gas fire pit tables require little effort to have up and working in no time. Adding pathway lights to your fire pit is also another great upgrade. Lighting elevates the look and provides safety for your family and any guests you have at your home.

#6. Privacy Screens Keep Things Private

You may get along great with your next-door neighbors, but a little privacy in your outdoor living spaces is still important. Outdoor privacy screens come in a variety of finishes, styles and materials. No matter the look you are going for, there is a screen to fit your taste. Some allow sunlight to filter through them while others will create a completely private section of your patio. Whether you like the privacy for sunbathing or just simply dividing spaces into designated areas, you can’t go wrong with a privacy screen.

#7. Outdoor Heaters Bring the Heat

Restaurants and bars have been using outdoor heaters to keep their patrons toasty and comfortable for years, but those heaters don’t have to be exclusive to commercial spaces. You can add a heater to your outdoor living space to keep it comfortable even when the weather gets chilly. Outdoor propane heaters are affordable and easy to operate and many can warm in a radius of fifteen feet. Depending on the size of your patio or deck you can use one or two of these heaters to keep your space comfortable and cozy.

Any of these seven outdoor living space upgrades are sure to make your backyard or front porch the envy of the neighborhood. Combine a few or all of them to make your backyard into a retreat this summer! If you need help with the lighting, give us a call

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