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Best Backyard Lighting Solutions: The 6 Types of Lights You Need

backyard lighting solutions

Spotlights are how it all started: back in the days before there were so many options for backyard lighting solutions, some inventive soul put a tractor headlight in a can to create a rudimentary spotlight. Outdoor lighting has come a long way since then, and there are different types of lights for different uses. Here’s an overview of the types of lights you might need for the best backyard lighting solutions.


Uplights are a type of spotlight, pointed—you guessed it—up. These are the type of lights used to do home uplighting: a great way to highlight the front of your house, creating a beautiful, polished look and increasing curb appeal. Uplight fixtures come in a variety of shapes, designs, and finishes to coordinate with the look and feel of your home. And uplights are also helpful as backyard lighting solutions:

  • To show off beautiful trees in your backyard.
  • To highlight landscape features.
  • To create visual interest near a pool or outdoor living area.
  • To create uniform light across the back of your home.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are exactly what you think they are: small lights installed alongside a sidewalk, path, or other walkways. Use them along any path in the backyard: from backdoor to pool, from deck to fire pit. You can also use pathway lights to section off an area for a specific use: for example, pathway lights can mark the corners of your outdoor dining area. Use pathway lights to lead the way to different features in your backyard: a porch swing, water feature, trampoline, or fire pit. Pathway lights are also excellent for pool lighting at night. Their low profile keeps them from being harsh. Install path lights around the edges of your pool decking or patio so it’s easy to see and move around safely, but you don’t have a bright glare in your face for that evening swim.

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights are one of the hottest trends in backyard light solutions, and for good reason. They create a great ambiance for dining and entertaining. And newer bistro lights have improved technology with options that make them even more fun, allowing you to dim and brighten them, program different settings, and do it all easily from an app on your phone. Brighten things up for a boisterous family dinner with the kids running around. Lower the brightness for a small dinner with friends or a late-night glass of wine under the stars.

Deck and Wall Lights

If you want to spend your summer grilling and relaxing on the deck, look into the options for deck lighting that will make it safe and comfortable. Lights installed on the deck stairs, paired with bistro lights hung over the outdoor dining set, make your evenings outside feel like a fun café.

For hardscaping, wall lights create visual interest without creating a glare. Wall fixtures are wider so that they give off a softer, more dispersed spread of light across the surface. They create a finished look, add visual interest, and allow you to enjoy beautiful landscaping into the evening.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are very bright lights, meant to aid in home security and provide clear visibility at night. To enhance your home security, use flood lights on a motion sensor, installed at corners and over entryways. To make end-of-night clean-up easier, install flood lights near the backyard places you enjoy most. When it’s time to put things away, flip on the flood light so you can easily see what you’re doing.

Patio and Porch Lights

High-quality porch fixtures will update the look of your home. If you’re still depending on that sad porch light that’s been there since the remodel in 1997, it’s time to upgrade. And don’t confuse a good porch fixture with flood lights. You don’t want to be blasted with a high beam of light in the face when you’re walking in your own back door. Porch lights provide a welcoming glow at just the right amount of brightness; they’re often mounted on the wall beside the door, but can also be installed in the ceiling. If you have a covered patio, ceiling fixtures with a fan are a must for summertime. Outdoor light fixtures are meant to withstand the weather and seasonal changes.

Whatever you want to do in your backyard, there are lighting solutions that will make it even better. We love helping our customers find just the right fixture for the look they want, and designing systems that create a backyard space they’ll love. Get in touch to talk about the best backyard lighting solutions for your home.

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