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4 Great Residential Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Summer in St Louis

residential outdoor lighting

As spring pushes into summer, we’re looking forward to all the outdoor possibilities. St. Louis knows how to make the most of great weather, from backyard barbecues and pool lounging to twilight drinks and dinner parties. This year, we’re all eager to safely have fun and get outside of our house-bound spaces. Take a look at these bright ideas (yeah, we said that) for making your St. Louis lighting the best of summer, so you can feel like you’re away from home even in your own backyard.

Low-Voltage Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting has long been a go-to lighting choice for outdoor restaurant seating. Lately, we have seen a huge uptake in requests for bistro lighting in residential outdoor lighting. Ideas for bistro lights range from poolside to fire pit. Bistro lighting is versatile, and can work in a variety of different outdoor situations. It’s a feasible and really fun option for your outdoor seating, dining, lounging, or playing area, and brings a great “out of the house” ambiance.

A great trend for the 2021 St. Louis summer is low-voltage bistro lighting. DIY bistro lighting plugs into a standard electrical outlet—which works great, if you have an outlet where you need one. With low-voltage bistro lighting, you don’t need a place to plug in: we tie the bistro lighting directly into your landscape lights. So if you have a fire pit that’s down the trail from your house, you can still have great lighting and ambiance with low-voltage bistro lights, connected to your pathway lighting system.

Customized Light Display

One thing we find over and over is that each of our customers is unique. They have different ideas of the best residential outdoor lighting ideas for their particular space. And that’s no problem. We help our customers achieve the specific look and ambiance they want with customization in fixtures, placement, intensity, and timing. Remember: your outdoor lighting bill shouldn’t be full of surprises, and your outdoor lighting system should be what you want. 

For landscape lighting, built-in wifi timers allow you to run your lights when you want, automatically. For bistro lighting, you have even more programming options: we’ll show you how to use a phone all to control your bistro lights. You can set the timer and dimming options for bistro lighting, which makes it easy to adjust the feel in your outdoor space. When you’re ready to move from dance-mode to quiet drinks, your bistro lights will set the mood.

Landscape Feature Spotlighting

Landscape lighting has many functions, from lighting up your pathway to enhancing home security to making it safer and easier to move around your outdoor spaces at night. And, of course, residential outdoor lighting ideas for improving the ambiance and feel of an outdoor space are important.

Another great use of landscape lighting is to highlight certain features in your yard. People often don’t realize what a big difference it can make to highlight a beautiful tree, a fountain or pond, or a gorgeous flower bed. You put all the work into adding these landscape features to your yard, but half the time they’re hidden in darkness. Landscape feature lighting changes that, so you can enjoy and admire those beautiful landscape features anytime. It also makes your home uplighting more interesting and appealing. The right spotlighting on landscape features makes your home look more finished and adds visual interest for your evenings out on the patio.

Minimalistic Pathway Lighting

Sleek and modern minimalistic pathway lights are a big trend in St. Louis residential outdoor lighting ideas. More companies have caught onto this trend, so there’s a greater variety of low-profile, sleek pathway light fixtures to choose from. These provide a very different feel from the typical pathway light, which stands about knee high. Minimalistic pathway lights are designed to be out of the way, with a low profile that is right next to the ground, sidewalk, or other hardscaping. It provides a bar of light that emphasizes the shape and feel of the pathway rather than emphasizing the light fixture.

These low-profile, bar-style path fixtures are a great way to update your outdoor areas: imagine a fresh pop of color on your front door and modern fixtures lighting the path to it. Or update your pool or patio area with lights that don’t get in the way, but put the light right where it’s needed.

You can create great ambiance with the right kind of residential outdoor lighting ideas and fixtures. Whether you want a low-key ambiance, a party-ready backyard, or a minimalistic look, we can help with outdoor St. Louis lighting. Let us create a custom look for your outdoor space and make the most of summer. Get in touch now for a custom quote. 

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