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What to Know About Pricing from Professional Outdoor Lighting Companies

Pricing to Expect from Professional Outdoor Lighting Companies

For any new project, you need to know what to expect in terms of cost. If you’ve never worked with professional outdoor lighting companies before, what costs can you expect? We’ll give you a look at the costs and pricing for outdoor lighting solutions, so you have the information to make the best decision for your home or business.

Cost of Materials for Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Let’s take a look at the materials for outdoor lighting solutions:

  • lighting fixtures
  • transformer
  • wiring
  • connectors
  • timer.

Not every lighting system will need all of these materials. It depends on the size and purpose of your lighting project, and whether you already have an outdoor lighting system in place.

It’s important to get professional-grade lighting fixtures. There is a big difference in quality. There is a corresponding difference in prices. A professional-grade light fixture will cost anywhere from $125 to $300 per fixture, significantly more than what you might buy at a hardware store. It’s worth the price difference if you want it to last more than a season. Contractor lights are more expensive because they’re made of much better material, so they can withstand all the changes in temperature and environment.

You should expect professional-grade lighting fixtures from outdoor lighting companies. Some companies may offer lighting solutions as an “add-on service” but not be aware of the differences between professional-grade fixtures and the fixtures sold at box stores. Don’t accept standard outdoor lighting fixtures from professional outdoor lighting companies. If you’re paying for a quality outdoor lighting solution, you should get the best fixtures and materials so that your lighting system lasts and looks good.

Cost of Installation from Outdoor Lighting Companies

The labor cost is the second factor to consider for outdoor lighting solutions. Many companies price the installation cost separately from the fixtures and other components. Their estimates might list the pricing for the fixtures and components, the labor rate and an estimate of the total hours or total labor cost for installing a lighting system.

We do things a bit different because we want to be very transparent with pricing and we want our customers to know what to expect:

  • We bill by the job, not by the hour. We can estimate accurately what a job will require, because the people making the estimates are also the people installing the systems. We know what to look for in advance.
  • We’re transparent with the fixtures we choose: we put part numbers on everything and try to stay close to what might pay for the same fixture if you ordered it online.
  • We build our installation and labor costs into the cost of the fixture. Our estimates include a per-fixture cost plus the cost of other materials needed for the project. Installation labor is included in that per-fixture fee. There are no surprises with additional labor hours added on beyond the estimated cost.

Cost of Maintenance and Repair for Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Maintenance and repairs are generally charged at the labor rate plus the cost of materials needed. The labor rate is often billed hourly, and will vary according to exact maintenance or repairs needed. 

Our fixtures have a great warranty and are going to last a long time; maintenance keeps them looking their best, season after season. There are lots of little things that could go askew over the course of the year with freezing and thawing, storms, wind, mud, moisture, outdoor varmints, lawn clippings, mulch, etc.

Maintenance includes things like making sure wires are in great shape, reburied properly, connections are working, and lights are clean and straight. Our Lighting Protection Plan gives our customers a predictable maintenance cost and keeps their lighting system looking as good as it did the day it was installed. We love taking care of the outdoor lighting solutions we’ve designed and installed for our customers.

Your lighting system needs repair service if components are damaged: an animal chews through a line, a branch falls, a storm comes through. While some maintenance needs are simple, repair issues can be complex. If you don’t know your lighting system you have a potential of burning out your transformer, which is the single most expensive component of an outdoor lighting system. Paying for a repair call—which will include the cost of labor and new materials needed—is often a much better choice than doing more damage to the system by trying to fix it yourself.

Pricing to Expect from Outdoor Lighting Companies

When shopping for outdoor lighting solutions, you should expect consistency and transparency.

  • Are the estimates clear and understandable?
  • Are the fixtures and materials high-quality?
  • Are the labor costs transparent and accurate?
  • Is the quality of service consistent over time?

We want to be consistent with our customers, rather than making the cost about details homeowners may not know or have any control over. Before we even give you a quote, we go out and look at the job and we know exactly what to look for when we’re bidding the job. That way we avoid critical errors that would add unexpected costs to the job. We are the ones who install it and we are the ones who bid it. We know what we’re looking for. There are no surprises on your bill with Outdoor Lighting Solutions.

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