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TOP 10 Outdoor Lighting Myths

Many people shy away from lighting their own home with quality outdoor lighting because they have misconceptions about outdoor lighting systems. Sometimes it’s the cost that people are worried about, or how long it will take to complete a project. However, many of these concerns are unfounded. Here are some of the top myths about outdoor lighting systems.

Myth #1 –It costs too much money.
Many times homeowners assume the cost for LED outdoor lighting is out of their reach. Seeing many homes in the area, which truth be told are 2X’s the cost of their own, we often hear from potential clients, “I bet this stuff is out of my price range.” True, there is an initial cost which is considerably higher than waht can be purchased at the big box stores. However, long-term LED outdoor lighting costs 1/5 what traditional halogen lighting or other systems use. This is a historic opportunity; you will be amazed at how much you can afford new outdoor lighting!

Myth #2 –It takes too much time.

It typically takes .5 – 1 full day to install a fully functional lighting system for both the front and back of most homes.

Myth #3 –A smaller lighting company will build my system because he has fewer jobs on the books.

We call these “Paycheck Lighters” meaning they make ends meet, paycheck to paycheck. While it may be true they can get to you fast – they aren’t always the best. Hence, a good sized small company, with a small crew that is booked out well in advance (while not always convenient for your schedule) may indicate quality as so many people are requesting their services.

Myth #4 –It requires me to be home during installation.

Trusted, proven crews can work at your home while manage your work and free time. More than 90% of the time crews meet a home owner at the beginning of the work day as they are leaving for work and have the system installed, ready to go, before the home owner returns from work.

Myth #5 –There are too many hidden costs.
Nope. Another myth. A great outdoor lighting company knows the tools of their trade, especially product. At the time of your assessment 95% of what is needed to get the job done is quoted well in advance of work beginning. The remaining 5% is often unforseen instances, such as installation work-arounds (unknown underground wiring, plumbing) and this 5% almost never affects price, unless additional supplies are needed. Which, customers are notified of immediately to make the call on what happens next.

Myth #6 –They just don’t build them like they used to.
Notice your indoor lighting just does not last like it used to? That you are having to replace bubs in the home more frequently? Believe it or not, many customers have made the leap with the urge from government to regulate our light bulbs, producing an inferior product, that this same technology transfers over to outdoor lighting. Crazy but true, we do hear this. No, more than 93% of today’s outdoor lighting systems are LED which use 1/5 the power of traditional lights and last up to 6X’s longer. Most LED bulbs are warrantied for 15+ years of usage.

Myth#7 –I can do it cheaper.

This myth is a half-truth. Yes, as a homeowner you can do outdoor lighting cheaper. You can go through the internet and source professional LED lighting, wiring, wire-nuts, transformers and the like. However, is cheaper always better? Are you prepared to trouble shoot and provide your own system maintenance like a trained professional. To this myth we say – NO!

Myth #8 –An installer who builds 4 to 8 systems a week can get me better prices on my materials and labor.

There are advantages to installers who are movers and shakers in the industry. Larger discounts on product relative to volume sold is often the norm. However, if this is true, would not their prices go down to you as a homeowner as a result. No, we’ve found that at our pace we are right in line, often below, the high volume movers and shakers of the LED outdoor lighting installers in our market. As well, we find it often said from our clients that we have the ‘time’ to hear their needs and exceed their expectations.

Myth #9 –It’s not possible to install in the middle of winter.

Outdoor Lighting can be year round, as long as the ground is cooperative and not frozen. Many people get the urge for outdoor lighting in the winter as they have time to think about it. Don’t be hesitant to call and see if we can meet your needs – though – it might be a little colder than normal.

Myth #10 – All outdoor lighting companies are the same.
Some of our customers originally assumed the number of St. Louis’ outdoor lighting companies provided the same quality of outdoor illumination systems, landscape lighting installation and repair. Yet there’s dozens of installers who care more about making a quick buck, than providing a high quality system. These installers are frequently uninsured, inexperienced and sloppy when it comes to regulating glare, managing contrast levels and well-done pathway lighting. They often provide inferior light fixtures and accessories, and don’t include any type of maintenance package.

A top-rated landscape lighting company demands safe, high quality, low voltage components and outstanding lighting design. True outdoor lighting companies in St. Louis offer homeowners a maintenance plan to ensuring your system works properly for years to come. To guarantee top of the line quality, excellent lighting design, safety and reliability, hire an outdoor lighting professional who will give you the best system for your hard earned money!

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