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RELAX! – Don’t Do It!

Summer is right around the corner. Time for getting outdoors and enjoying all that St. Louis summers have to offer.

However, do you find yourself coming in sooner than you like as the day progresses into night? Do you find yourself enjoying an evening on your deck or patio only to cut things short when it’s time to move away from the big spot light (free for all with bugs)?

Relax – Don’t Do It!

Don’t head so quickly inside when all you have are a few bright spotlights that only scare away the raccoons.

Instead, take time this summer to consider an outdoor lighting demonstration for your back yard from Outdoor Lighting Solutions and see about extending the night.

Proper deck lighting can extend the time you spend with family and friends outdoors increasing the chances to develop quality relationships with one another. A beautifully lit deck allows you to set the tone and relax a little longer.

Not to mention, a well installed deck lighting system adds an added sense of security for you, your family and guests. The National Association of Realtors has written often that outdoor lighting in one of the most beneficial features when adding simple security measures to your home.

But what about you? What are some of the benefits you see to adding accent lights and proper lighting to your deck or patio this summer? What are the top 5 benefits you see to adding lights to your outdoor environment this summer?

Drop us a note in the comment section below and we might just set you up with a free at-home nightly demonstration within the next week.

We’d enjoy the chance to come along side of you!

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