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5 Greatest Reasons to Add Outdoor Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Solutions we can think of more than 5 Great Reasons to Add Outdoor Lighting to your homes landscape and hardscape. However, for the sake of time. we’ve reduced the list down to this top 5 list. Enjoy!

1. Safety Matters!

You have heard it said, “Better safe than sorry”. Your family and your guests safety is important. Outdoor landscape lighting can be placed to guide paved pathways and away from ponds, pools and other structures. Traditional house lights may be well-intentioned, yet they don’t have much reach beyond their immediate area.

Using a combination of well-placed uplighting and accent lighting you can rest assured your guests and family will safely navigate your property.

2. Highlighted Security

Today, motion sensing lights are the basic extent of common security lighting. However, motion sensing lights do not help as actual deterrents. Most intruders will avoid your home if you have well-placed illumination throughout the yard and hardscape.

The assumption has been ‘brighter is better’. This assumption does not hold for security landscape lighting. Bright lighting creates many many more shadows to be truly effective. The absolute best combination of lighting for security and deterrence is a well placed, low level lighting throughout the landscape and hardscape.

3. Boost Curb Appeal & Add Value

Your homes curb appeal is in constant review. Your curb appeal can make or break a home in terms of appealing to potential buyers. Real estate agents profess, a home with attractive curb appeal can vault a home on the market from a ‘drive-by’ to a ‘show-stopper’. Create a selling advantage for your home by using both outdoor lighting and landscape lighting.

Lighting adds depth to a home’s overall appearance and makes it easier to see. Landscape lighting increases value more than many outdoor improvements. When it comes to landscape lighting, a small investment can go further to adding value to your home.

4. Getting The Inside Outside

Outdoor living’s the hot trend of the 21st Century. Getting the inside outside by well-placed furnishings, rugs and outdoor kitchens has been a trend for years to come.

Your outdoor lifestyles come with the need for outdoor lighting. A harsh deck light just doesn’t do justice to get the look you’re reaching for.

5. Setting The Tone With Entertaining Spaces

It’s true; there’s nothing as enjoyable as a perfectly lit room to begin setting the tone to any gathering. Outdoor landscape and hardscape lighting does that. The tone begins to set as your guests start their drive up to your home. Likewise, on those beautiful spring and summer nights, your back deck, patio or pier calls friends outside with the beautiful and inviting illumination you’ve developed.


Outdoor Lighting Solutions LLC has been installing, repairing and servicing low voltage landscape lighting systems for well over 10 years now. Our experience ranges from small private residences, large estates, community entrances and commercial buildings.

We privileged to stay on the cutting edge of landscape lighting advancements. We’re always educating ourselves with training, updating our certifications and getting any new staff fully certified. You’ll find us to be one of the most experienced and highly certified firms in St. Louis.

We welcome your call whether it’s a question, need for service or repair, an inquiry about designing or installing an irrigation, or lighting, system. We’d be honored to put our experience to work for you. Call us at 314-332-2030.


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