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We Translated 2022’s Indoor Lighting Trends for Outdoor Lighting Use

outdoor lighting trends

There are some fantastic indoor lighting trends headed our way for 2022. Lighting this year is unique and bold, with plenty of variations for individual style. But why should indoor lighting have all the fun? We took a look at the growing trends and translated the concepts for residential outdoor lighting. Your home’s exterior can be just as modern and up-to-date as the interior. Take a look at these outdoor lighting trends for 2022–whether your style is vintage, minimalist, bold, or somewhere in between, you’ll find ideas that fit your home.

Go Big and Bold (or Go Home) 

Wait… you already are home! Oh well. Take the spirit of the trend into consideration. We’re done with dull, standard lighting fixtures and ho-hum lighting systems. This is 2022, after all. Out with all the neutrals and monochrome. It’s time to make a statement with lighting. Take that adventurous vibe to your outdoor living spaces. Play with colors and unexpected light placement. Not only will it bring a sense of whimsy to your space, but it creates visual appeal and can bring life to the ambiance of your outdoor space. Bold can also mean bringing in larger-than-life figures and sculptures and using spotlights to create dramatic nightscapes. Think about making the scale of your lighting larger and turning it into a focal point and not just an accent piece. The year 2022 is not the one to be timid with lighting. Bring the party to your house with bold colors and strong visual elements in your lighting design..

Vintage Looks Bring Style 

Bell bottoms resurface every few decades. Boyfriend jeans and flannel shirts are back… is this the ‘90s? Nope. It’s just that trends find a way to come back around. It’s as true in lighting as it is in fashion. Vintage lighting can evoke nostalgia and show off your seriously cool style… And you won’t even have to grow a beard or explain which IPA you like best! That’s a win for everyone. 

So, for 2022, check out your favorite flea markets, consignment shops, and yard sales for vintage garden sculptures, then add fairy lights or spotlights to show them off. Solid brass light fixtures have a classy vintage look–think Mad Men, but in your backyard. Combine flea market finds with new vintage-style lights for a one-of-kind look that’s also energy efficient. 

Ditch the Bland One Fixture Approach

Yes, lighting is meant to be functional, but it is also meant to create a mood. Upgrading old fixtures is the first step. If you want to really spice things up, add more interesting lighting fixtures around your outdoor space. Outdoor lamps on tables, lighted pathways, and bistro lights with different settings and programs allow you to change the lighting for the ambiance you want, whether that is a romantic dinner vibe or a high-energy BBQ. 

Nordic is Trendy

For those who prefer clean lines and a minimalistic look, it’s the perfect year to transition the popularity of Nordic indoor lighting to your outdoor spaces. Look into using suspended lanterns from trees, simple table lights with weatherproof shades, and Edison-style hanging string lights. Simple doesn’t have to be boring. The wonderful thing about Scandinavian and Nordic style lighting is that it’s a trend that shows no sign of cooling down. If you do invest in high-quality pieces, they won’t be out of style when next year rolls around. By incorporating Nordic-inspired lighting with elegant brass touches into an outdoor space full of straight-lined furniture and focusing on beautiful landscaping, you can create a tranquil and iconic porch or patio space.

Deck the Walls with Sconces

Table and floor lamps are taking a backseat in interior design in 2022, and this trend will extend into exterior spaces as well. Sconces create a warm glow and save both table and floor space. In outdoor spaces, use more wall-mounted lights for depth, interest, and personality. The style of sconces can range from playful to romantic. Sconces as outdoor fence lighting have become increasingly popular. Mount sconces on either side of a door, beside windows, on exterior walls over outdoor seating areas, and at corners of the house. Sconces are also great for climates that may experience harsher winters or windy days. Due to their mounting, you do not have to worry about outdoor lamps or lanterns that can blow over or result in broken bulbs and glass on your sidewalk, patio, or lawn.

Flush Mounted Lights Are In 

If the look you are going for in your outdoor oasis is modern, then flush-mounted lights are the trend you want to invest in. Flush-mounted lights have become the trendiest indoor ceiling fixtures, replacing the traditional fixtures of the past. You can bring these trends into your outdoor space by placing outdoor flush-mounted lights as entryway or back porch lights. They’ll bring a fresh, updated look to your outdoor areas. 

Let this year be the year that you take your outdoor lighting to the next level. Hopefully, you’ve gathered some ideas and inspirations on how you can translate them from indoor to outdoor seamlessly and beautifully. Get in touch for a free consultation and we’ll help you incorporate your favorite trends into your residential outdoor lighting for the freshest look in the neighborhood.

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