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Complete Guide to Wall-Mounted Fixtures for Outside Home Lighting

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Outside lighting can make a great difference in the way your house looks. In fact, it really defines the vibe. Does your home stand out? Or does it fade into the shadows? Of course, every homeowner has their own preferences and styles. Our goal is to make sure you have the best information so you can make the best decisions. 

So, there are a few basic facts to know about outside home lighting: the process, the pricing, and the myths. Having this knowledge beforehand can make a huge difference in your design and decisions. Fixtures are a big part of your outside home lighting system. In this guide, we’ll take a look at wall-mounted fixtures.  

Wall-Mounted Fixtures for Outside Home Lighting

What are wall-mounted light fixtures?

You guessed it: wall-mounted light fixtures are fixtures which mount to a wall. They’re also called sconces. They’re versatile and commonly used in home exterior lighting and for hardscaping. You probably have many wall-mounted fixtures inside your home. Wall-mounted fixtures meant for outside home lighting are designed to withstand temperature changes and are fairly resistant and sturdy. 

Since they come in many different styles, wall-mounted light fixtures can also enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Of course, if your wall-mounted light fixtures are cracked, dirty, improperly installed, or haven’t been updated in a decade, they are probably detracting from your home’s aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, wall-mounted light fixtures are not one-size-fits-all. You can upgrade with outside wall-mounted light fixtures that are a perfect match for your home’s exterior. 

The quality of the fixture is also very important. Good quality fixtures are made of better materials and will last for many years. DIY outside wall-mounted light fixtures are made of cheaper materials, ranging from plastic to aluminum. Contractor-quality fixtures are made of long-lasting materials, with designs to protect the bulbs inside from damage. Look for fixtures made of marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel, or brass for a great look that lasts. 

Types of Outside Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

There are two main types of wall-mounted fixtures. From these, there’s a plethora of designs, styles, and finishes. 

Flush Mount Sconce 

Flush mount sconces do not have an arm separating the sconce from the base plate. The base plate is what is mounted to the wall. So a flush mount sconce is flush with the wall, which creates an unobtrusive profile. You’ll often see flush mount sconces with minimal and modern designs. 

Great places to use a flush-mounted sconce: 

  • In small spaces, such as a doorway with very little wall space around, or in a corner.
  • In space with lots of action, such as the exterior corner of a garage or patio. Flush-mounted sconces don’t stick out from the wall, so you’re less likely to damage one with a basketball or ladder.
  • As accent lights with another main light. At the front door, you might use a ceiling-mount light as the primary light source and a flush mount sconce on either side of the door. 
  • Under a low ceiling. The light beam can be directed downward, and with their minimal, slim design they look good even when mounted where the wall and ceiling meet.
  • On a hardscaping wall when you don’t want to direct attention to the fixture itself.

Bulkhead lighting is a type of flush mount light fixture. They have a nautical feel and work well in homes with a more industrial, modern aesthetic. Since their design is quite sturdy, they work well in high-traffic areas such as the back porch or workshop.

Wall wash lighting fixtures often flush mount. This type of light is used to create a horizontal wash of light on an exterior wall or hardscaped surface. These indirect lights help create ambiance and comfort by eliminating spooky, dark areas and gently highlighting nearby landscaping. 

Semi Flush Mount Sconce

When you think of a sconce, this is probably the type of fixture which comes to mind. Semi-flush mount sconces have an arm which connects the sconce to the base plate. There’s space between the light and the mounted plate. The arm may be short or long, hinged in the middle, decorative, or stout and blocky. 

Great places to use a semi flush mount sconce: 

  • As primary light sources at the front entrance. Pick a style which complements your home’s exterior and mount a fixture on either side of the door for a striking entryway look. 
  • Over an exterior door. If there’s no ceiling and little wall space, a semi flush mount sconce can provide the right amount of light angled downward over an entry. 
  • On either side of a garage door. Use a larger semi flush mount sconce as both a decorative and functional element for the garage entry. 
  • On the patio wall. Install semi flush mount sconces along the patio wall to provide ambient light for the area.
  • At exterior corners. Semi flush mount sconces look great on exterior corners near walkways or outdoor living spaces such as a deck or porch.
  • Around the outdoor dining space. Bring the look of a dining room outside, with the right amount of formality or casual chic appeal. 

Barn lights are a classic style of semi-flush mount sconces. However, classic does not mean outdated. Barn lights fit well with a cottage, country chic, or farmhouse rustic aesthetic. With the right finish, they can even work well on a more contemporary home’s exterior. 

Lanterns are a well-known type of semi-flush mount sconces. They are often used as front porch light fixtures and come in a variety of styles and finishes. 

Spotlights send beams of light to highlight landscaping features or areas. They’re also used for home uplighting. The arms allow them to be angled perfectly for each use, and they can be adjusted when needed.  

Floodlights are high-intensity beam lights that illuminate a large area. They are usually used for sports or work areas, or as security lights with motion sensors. 

Outside home lighting makes a huge impact. Since the exterior of your house is the first impression, make it a good one. The right wall-mounted fixtures will create a polished, warm, and welcoming appearance. Get in touch for a free consultation. We love helping our customers find just the right look for their homes.  

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