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7 Types of Exterior Lights that Event Venues Need

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Event venues need a well-designed space and adequate lighting both inside and out. If you’re managing a venue or planning an event, don’t overlook the exterior lighting. The right outdoor lights make guests feel welcome, direct traffic flow, and help set just the right mood. Here are the types of exterior lighting that event venues might need. 

Security Lighting for Event Venues

The right type of lighting in the right places enhances security for event venues. That’s important not only during an event but when the venue is closed down. Security lights with motion sensors, mounted at corners and near entryways, can help deter theft, trespassing, and vandalism. These lights are ultra-bright, which is purposeful. However, that blinding brightness isn’t great for the atmosphere at an event. You can turn security lights off while events are going on. When it’s time to clean up, turn security lights on for high visibility–then enable motion sensors 

Safety Lighting for Walkways and Steps

Help keep guests safe by having the light fixtures installed at key points around the event venue. Two places that are especially important are walkways and steps. Pathway lights along sidewalks, paths, and trails show guests where to go from one area of the venue to another. They also help guests see potential hazards like dips, low points, or rough surfaces. For steps, you can use a combination of lighting fixtures that work best: pathway lights on either side of the steps, flush-mounted lights installed on the steps, lights on the railings, or pole-mounted lights angled to send a beam of light to just the right area.  

Entryway Lights and Uplighting

First impressions matter anywhere; for event venues, make sure the first impression is great with entryway lighting and uplighting. Professional exterior uplighting creates a uniform, polished appearance for each building that’s part of the event venue. Entryway lighting comes in a huge variety of fixtures to fit the style of the venue. Pair ceiling-mounted fixtures and sconces for a welcoming glow. To lead guests on a visually interesting journey from car door to venue door, use a mix of walkway lights and landscape spotlights. 

Perimeter Lighting for Event Venues

There are two types of perimeter lighting to consider for event venues. First, the exterior lights you need along the entire perimeter of the venue. These lights can range from utilitarian to highly decorative. It all depends on the type of venue, and how far the perimeter is from the areas where events actually take place. If the perimeter is out of sight from the event areas, you may only need pole-mounted security lights at key points along the property line. For areas that are visible to guests, use a mix of security lights for after-hours and decorative fixtures that complement the venue. 

Ambiance Lighting for Event Areas

For outdoor areas around event venues, the right exterior lighting is so important. Good lighting is key to creating a good atmosphere. It’s pretty hard to create a romantic feeling when overly bright spot lights are blinding the guests. It’s equally tough for guests to enjoy an event when the lighting is so dim they can’t see their food or each other. A well-designed exterior lighting system gives you options and adjustments so you can control the ambiance for each type of event. Look for exterior lighting fixtures with components like adjustable shields, dimmable bulbs, color-changing lights, and programmable settings. 

Exterior String Lights for Event Venues

String lighting includes the traditional “twinkle light” strands used for everything from weddings to Christmas decorations. Another type of string lights are bistro lights. Bistro lights evoke the feeling of a French cafe; imagine a glass of wine at a small table under the stars. You can use bistro lights to turn the corner of a patio–or the entire patio–into a magical gathering place. For permanent outdoor string lights, we use low-voltage LED lights and custom-made mounting poles to create the perfect exterior lighting for event venues. 

We love working with our clients to design the best exterior lighting for the needs, size, budget, and atmosphere they want to create. Let us help you set up the best outdoor lighting for your event venue. Get in touch today. 

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