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How Outdoor Lighting Companies Can Make Your Life Easier

outdoor lighting companies

A great outdoor lighting system has a lot of benefits. With well-placed lights, you can increase your home’s curb appeal, get more use out of those outdoor spaces, and complement your home’s style. Residential lighting systems can also help enhance security, make outdoor activities more fun, and add great ambiance to parties and dinners. Having a well-designed system is key to getting all those benefits. Outdoor lighting companies can make your life easier by making sure the system you have is designed for what you want. They also know how to install and maintain the system so it looks and works great. 

Outdoor Lighting Companies Know Light Design

A well-designed system will give you the best look and require less maintenance. Professional outdoor lighting companies know what to look for, and how to interpret your priorities into a good design. Now, not all companies are equally good at design. Some will try to push you into their predetermined systems and one-size-fits-all designs. Ask questions, and find out how much customization is possible. A good outdoor lighting professional (hint: that’s us!) will work with you to create a design that’s perfect for your needs. 

Another aspect of good lighting system design is knowing how to lay the wiring. In the design, you’ll probably focus on what you want to light up: where the fixtures go, what they look like, and how bright they should be. Outdoor lighting companies will look at the obstacles, potential issues, and best routes for wiring to avoid issues. We have a lot of experience with lighting design, which means we can avoid problems you might not foresee. Our goal is to create a system that works efficiently and lasts through the seasons. In the lighting systems we install, we use contractor-grade wiring and connectors. The higher quality of our materials means they’re more durable, longer lasting, and require less maintenance. 

Outdoor Lighting Companies Provide Good Maintenance

A professionally installed lighting system will look and work great. But what happens after that big storm comes through, or a tree branch falls, or snow and ice knock your fixtures out of alignment? If you have a DIY system, then you also have a DIY maintenance plan. It’s you, doing the maintenance. Sometimes that’s simple enough: straighten a fixture, replace a bulb. But it can be more intensive, from digging up and replacing damaged wire to dealing with corrosion or pest damage. 

At Outdoor Lighting Solutions, we want to make sure that your system is going to look great and work at its best through all four seasons. Our annual maintenance plan is available for all our customers. If we’re installing a new outdoor lighting system, you get the plan at a 50% discount for the first year. It’s a load off your shoulders. We know how to repair and maintain fixtures, wiring, connectors, and transformers. We’ll also help you identify preventable problems to avoid future issues. It’s an affordable alternative to the pain of DIY repair and maintenance. 

Outdoor Lighting Companies Have the Good Stuff

What’s the final advantage to working with a professional outdoor lighting company? Well, to put it simply, we have the goods. You can pick up a cheap, boxed outdoor light system and it will work… for a while. But those prepackaged options will never give you the quality and customization of a professional lighting system. 

We insist on using fixtures that are the best, because we want our customers to have the best. This means you have access to a large catalog of premium outdoor lighting fixtures. The fixtures are manufactured from better materials, such as marine-grade aluminum and solid brass. They look better and last longer. The variety of finishes and design styles means you can find the right look to perfectly complement your home. The fixtures we use have warranties that provide coverage for years, or even for a lifetime. We make sure our customers get the best because that’s what they deserve. 

We also make sure that the lighting systems we install and maintain work the way you want them to. We use automatic timers, so that the system turns on and off according to your specifications. We customize the settings on the timers for your usage requirements and the changing seasons. There’s no need to waste energy–only have the lights on when you want them on. And there’s no need to hassle with adjusting the settings when we’ll do that for you. 

There are many outdoor lighting companies, but we hope you’ll work with us. We genuinely love helping our customers get just the right look. Our experience helps us find the best way to install lights for the look you want. And with our affordable annual maintenance plan, you can leave all the lighting worries to us. Find out more about our process, or get in touch today to schedule a free estimate. 

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