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Garden Planning for Spring? Don’t Forget the Lighting to Make it Come to Life

garden walkway lighting

We all do what we have to do to make it through St. Louis winters of gray and sludge and not-quite-snow weather. One of the things we do is dream about spring. Imagine the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze, the sounds of kids laughing, and the beautiful possibilities of a brand-new spring garden waiting. Don’t make the mistake that so many other people make, though: gardens are not just for daylight hours. Plan in some fabulous garden walkway lighting, and you’ve got a magical adventure for the evening, too. Plus, it will be easier to show Aunt Betty that you’re better at growing tomatoes than she is. 

Define Garden Walkways, Lighting Comes Next

You’re a smart garden planner, so you’ve already thought about paths through your garden area. (If you haven’t, don’t worry. We’ll wait here while you go adjust a few things.) 

Pathways are important for all gardens. Whether you’re growing prize-winning veggies or showing off seasonal blooms, or some combination, you need to reach plantings to care for them. That means well-placed pathways are important. 

The other use of pathways throughout the garden is to enjoy all that hard work you’ve done. You can meander through herbs and vegetables and flowers, by yourself or with a friend. Or with that annoying neighbor. Or with your dog. In any case, pathways don’t quit functioning when night falls. In fact, we think that garden walkways get pretty darn magical at night. And with a little well-placed garden walkway lighting, you’ll think so, too. 

The Basics of Garden Walkway Lighting

The type of garden you have determines a lot. What kind of light fixtures will work best? How many will you need? Where should you put them? 

There are many questions, and honestly, we can’t tell you all the answers. We can give you some pointers, though. 

  • Choose fixtures that fit in with your garden. If you’re cottage-core, own it. If you’re a minimalist who grows perfectly trimmed bonsai, be that. If you like a traditional flower garden with shrubbery, do you. And choose fixtures that fit into your style–and your garden–for a beautiful effect that you’ll love. 
  • Use the right fixtures in the right places. There are different kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures. Spotlights point up, so you’d use them to highlight bushes, beds, trees, and various garden features. Walkway lights point down, so they help people to see where to put their feet. Don’t put a spotlight where you need a path light, and vice versa.
  • Do get creative and go for the magic. Knowing the type of fixtures doesn’t mean you can’t get a little playful with them. Walkway lights can create a soft glow among flower beds. Colored lights can make your garden’s water feature an entirely new experience at night. Bistro lights can create the perfect feel for a hidden little bench in the garden corner. 

Plan  Your Garden Walkway Lighting Now

Here’s the thing with lighting: it’s really going to be much better if you install it (or call us, of course) before your garden is full of plants. So if you take the time to plan out the garden walkway lighting before you plant the garden, it’s genius. Get in touch when the weather starts to warm and you’re ready for a consultation. We’ll help you light up your garden for perfect warm nights. Imagine how good that will be. 

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