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Why Outdoor Lighting Matters for Corporate Events

Whether your corporate event is casual or formal, the proper lighting in the outdoor space can make a big difference. We have all been to boring and stuffy corporate affairs that could have used a little (or a lot) more ambiance. Luckily, you don’t have to make that mistake. We’re here to walk you through five ways to use outdoor lighting to make your next corporate event enjoyable for everyone. 

Welcome Guests to the Corporate Event

Bland entrance? No good. With that kind of first impression, your guests are already expecting a blah, ho-hum event. You can do better. Make sure your guests feel welcomed and have a good impression–this creates energy and expectation from the first moment.

Start with lights at the entrance to the property: is there a gate, a sign, or a formal entry to the driveway? Use well-placed spotlights to highlight it. Uplighting across the front of the building makes everything look finished, classy, and professional. Ensure that there are pathway lights in the right places so guests know where to go. 

Create the Desired Ambience

The outdoor lighting you use sets the tone for the event to take place. Make sure you are setting the right mood through your lighting choices. The style and finish of fixtures should support the feel of the event. For example, consider outdoor chandeliers over the patio and subtle landscape lighting for a more formal event. 

If a casual, party vibe is what you want, then explore bistro lights, twinkle lights, and colorful outdoor LED lights that can be programmed for different moods. You can create an ambiance that perfectly fits your corporate event with the right outdoor lighting. 

Direct Foot Traffic and Designate Areas

Corporate events can move through smaller areas, with a scheduled flow or with multiple activities going on simultaneously. Use lighting to direct your foot traffic and indicate important areas. 

Walkway lights are the best place to start; you need adequate lighting along pathways to ensure safety when guests are moving from one area to another. You can also use pathway lights to create temporary perimeters. String lights wrapped around railings, trees, and other structures can mark important areas. The final step is spotlights–set at the right brightness to provide visibility without blinding guests. 

Adjust to Shift the Atmosphere

Just as stage lights at a theater adjust for different parts of a show, your outdoor event lighting can change as the corporate event moves from one stage to the next. You may want a more formal, subtle glow around guests as dinner is served, and then shift into a lighter, party feel as the evening goes on. Professional outdoor lights can be adjusted for different levels of brightness, and many are programmable with a phone app. 

Make a Corporate Event Feel Special

Lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your guests feel welcomed, interested, entertained, and safe. Because they can be used multiple times, and in many different ways, you get your money out of your lighting investment. That means that your Christmas party, annual company get-together, fund-raising dinners, and other events can always feel unique and original.

We love to help our clients with the best outdoor lighting to create great corporate events with just the right atmosphere. From custom mounting poles for getting lights in those tricky areas to permanent spotlights which can be adjusted, to temporary installations of string lights–we’re here to help. Get in touch to find out more. 

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