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Why Your Business Needs Exterior Commercial Building Lighting and Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of those understated but necessary elements for a welcoming, professional business. The thing is, when it’s done well, your customers won’t be thinking of how nice your outdoor lighting is! They’ll be thinking about how nice your business looks, how welcoming it feels, and how easy it is to navigate different areas. They’ll feel at ease, safe, and comfortable without exactly knowing why. Good exterior lighting for your commercial or office building plus well-placed landscape lighting will create a sense of safety, welcome, and professionalism.

Attractive exterior lighting appeals to customers

First impressions are a huge factor in how people make decisions. Maybe it isn’t fair that a potential customer judges your business from a quick glance, but it is how we operate. A well-lit exterior is more appealing and attractive. Imagine a customer driving by and seeing the entrance from the road. Is it sparkling, bright, and nice to look at it? Is the signage easily visible? Can someone who’s never visited before quickly see where to park and how to reach the entrance? If not, chances are people will keep going rather than take a chance. 

Exterior commercial lighting helps with security 

The right kind of exterior lighting can help increase the security of your business, both during hours and after hours. Bright lights at every entrance point discourage loitering and vandalism. Motion sensors in lights at key points around the walkway and parking lot aid in security for visitors and employees during nighttime hours. It’s just a basic need to keep all outdoor areas well-lit for any commercial building. Inadequate lighting creates all sorts of shadowy areas and dim places where it’s easy for people to hide, scope things out, and potentially cause damage. 

Commercial building lighting guides customers

A professional lighting installation company (like us) knows where to place each fixture for the maximum impact. There are a lot of factors that go into good lighting design. One thing to consider is how customers approach the building, where the walkways are, what obstacles (steps, rough ground) they might encounter, and how you can increase the safety of both customers and staff with lighting. Simple walkway lighting, for example, adds a great visual appeal and also increases safety for everyone on the property. 

Commercial lighting can increase property value

With attractive, professionally installed lighting, a commercial property will look more valuable and attractive. If you’re considering putting your property on the market, exterior lighting can help attract buyers, make a better impression, and bring a better price. Also, if you have an older building, high-quality lights will help give it a fresh look. Dingy lighting, on the other hand, can make even an updated and well-maintained building look worn out. 

Good exterior lighting improves curb appeal

Professional exterior lighting not only creates a safer environment for your property, but also increases curb appeal. This is especially true with commercial landscape lighting that’s designed to enhance and highlight the best features of the building and the surrounding landscape. Uplighting across the front of a commercial property makes it stand out and look modern, fresh, and welcoming. 

We love helping St. Louis area businesses get the best exterior lighting and landscape lighting. We can create a lighting design that’s customized for your commercial building, office, restaurant, or venue. Get in touch today for a free estimate. 

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