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Getting Your Special Event Outdoor Lighting Just Right

Outdoor lighting can make or break your event. It’s the first thing people see when they arrive, and it’s what they remember most about your event. Lighting affects ambiance and makes a huge difference in how guests feel about their experience.

If you are planning a special event, consider the lighting. Even if some (or most) of the event will take place in indoor spaces, the outdoor lighting is important. It creates a first impression and sets the mood. Poor lighting can make even a wonderful venue look dingy and unsafe. Great outdoor lighting can get people relaxed and in a party mood as soon as they arrive. 

Special event outdoor lighting can be used in unique ways:

  • A glowing pathway to lead guests through the event.
  • A dramatic array of lights under a canopy.
  • Color-changing lights for the dance floor.
  • Soft and subtle lighting for a romantic feel.

To get the best results from your special event outdoor lighting, choose quality materials and use proper techniques. In the St. Louis area? We’re here to help with all outdoor venue lighting and special event outdoor lighting. 

Here are some things to consider with outdoor lighting for your special event:

Get in the mood

What type of mood do you want to create? Is it a high-energy party? A formal event or a casual party? Do you need to create a soft, romantic glow or a pulsing, colorful atmosphere? Think through the overall mood of the event, as well as the different activities and the timeline. 

Get fixtures in place

Figuring out where to put the lighting fixtures can be a bit of a puzzle. You want to avoid causing a glare on any windows or reflective surfaces. It’s also important to avoid creating dark spots or shadowy areas. It’s common to underestimate the amount of fixtures needed to properly light up an outdoor event space. Think about the spread (how much area is covered by the beam of light) when you consider where to place fixtures. 

Get into LEDs

LED lights are the choice for outdoor lighting. They’re more energy-efficient, last longer, and emit less heat than incandescent bulbs. Modern outdoor lighting fixtures will all use LEDs. Don’t settle for anything else. 

Many LEDs are adjustable; you can use a smartphone app to adjust the intensity and color of the bulbs. We absolutely love all the possibilities for a special event. Think about how you could program the LEDs for different parts of the event, to set the mood for each activity. You can either use a timer or manually adjust the LED programming when ready. 

Get some help

For special event outdoor lighting, there are some aspects that will go much better with professional help. Find a local outdoor lighting company with the experience and equipment to handle the bigger parts of the job: overall design, install of support poles and fixtures, wiring and connectors, and ensuring you have adequate power to handle the lighting. The last thing you’d want is to overload the transformer and have the lighting go out halfway through the event! 

Get creative with DIY

Getting professional help will set you up for success. You can relax knowing the big components are being handled, and you’re free to explore some creative fun and DIY lighting ideas. Whether it’s tiki torches, twinkle lights, paper lanterns, or jar lights, you can put together some affordable and beautiful DIY lighting touches that are perfect for your event. 

Lighting makes the atmosphere, and helps people feel comfortable and at home. Great outdoor lighting is an extra touch of magic that creates a memorable experience for your guests. Get in touch for events in the St. Louis area and find out how we can help! 

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