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6 Questions to Ask an Outdoor Lighting Designer in St. Louis

Did you know that 70% of Americans invested in a home improvement project in 2020? And in 2021, they did even more, according to surveys: homeowners averaged 2.7 projects in 2020, and in 2021, that average went up to 3.7 projects, each costing an average of $2,800. Outdoor improvements are trending, including outdoor lighting projects, with more homeowners completing outdoor projects and upgrading their outdoor living spaces. If you’re considering exterior lighting or an outdoor project that involves lighting, here are the key questions to ask an outdoor lighting designer in St. Louis to make sure you get the best illumination for your dollar. 

“Outdoor Lighting Solutions was fabulous to work with. We had a week-long event for 1000+ people and they lit an entire quadrangle for us. It looked great and the pricing was excellent. Daniel was very responsive, helpful, and easy to work with. Highly recommend them.” 

– Andrew J.

How much experience do you have?

Experience isn’t everything, but it certainly helps. You want to work with outdoor lighting professionals who not only create a customized lighting design, but also know how to overcome any challenges they’ll face when installing it. Not all yards (or homes) are created equal, and sometimes you’ll need creative solutions to get the outdoor lighting you want. 

“Daniel and Jeremy are pros in the field! They have excellent customer service skills and are experts at helping the client choose the best lighting to suit their needs. No high pressure gimmicks. They put demo lights in place to make sure you like what you see. Excellent communication!” 

– Sheri Hogland

Do you specialize in outdoor lighting? 

There are three types of professionals you’ll encounter when looking for an outdoor lighting designer. First, you’ll find landscaping companies who also install exterior lighting. They might be experienced, but if they don’t specialize in outdoor lighting they might not be able to offer all the options and customizations you need for the perfect lighting design. The second type of person is a lighting designer, someone who specializes in lighting design but may not specialize in outdoor lighting. The third type is the outdoor lighting specialist: this is a professional who works day in and day out in outdoor lighting design, installation, maintenance, and repair. (Hey, that’s us!)

“Daniel and Jeremy are the best at what they do. They show up on time and complete tasks quickly and efficiently and maintain lighting after installation with any needed tweaks. Not enough good things can be said about this company.” 

– Mary Jane L.

Do you have any references?

References can take a lot of different forms, from online reviews to personal referrals to completed projects you can view for yourself. Ask for references related to the type of outdoor lighting project you want to have done. For example, if you want lighting for an event, that’s the type of reference you want to hear. Or, if you want to get residential exterior lighting done, ask for those types of references. Good references are proof of quality before commitment. 

“They cleaned up and did a wonderful magnificent job. I was really happy. I have hired them twice. On the second trip they were able to do a job that 2 previous companies could not. If you want a job done right this is the company to hire!” 

– Paula P.

How do you design custom lighting systems?

What’s the process used by the outdoor lighting designer in St. Louis that you’re talking to? This question can really help you sort out the best candidates from the rest. Many lighting companies will have a few standard lighting system designs that they always use. They might tweak a fixture here or there, but it’s not really a custom lighting design so you may not have all the options you want to create the perfect lighting look. Look for a designer who wants to know about your goals and is able to create a unique and perfect lighting design for what you want.

“Outdoor Lighting Solutions worked with me to design the perfect lighting for my property. I had a rough idea of what I wanted, and they helped me to develop it into beautiful lighting for a hardscape wall and bistro lighting for my patio. I couldn’t be happier with my outdoor lights!” 

– Valerie Geile

Can you give me a quote and a timeline?

Ask for clear and upfront pricing and communication about how the process goes, from beginning to end. This shouldn’t be a guessing game! The best outdoor lighting designers in St. Louis can give you a quote based on the design, site, and number of fixtures. They’ll also be able to provide you with a clear timeline. If there are changes beyond their control, they should quickly communicate with you and let you know what the next steps are to keep the lighting system installation on track. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be sure you understand the process, the costs, and the schedule.

“It went very well. They came to our house to give an estimate, discussed what we wanted, and made several excellent suggestions which were much better than the discussion with another company (and it was significantly cheaper as well). They were very professional, obviously knew what they were talking about, gave us options, and set up a date to bring and turn on the two specific lights that we were interested in. We made our decision, they installed the lights in a timely manner, and the lights worked perfectly and we are delighted with the result. We highly recommend Outdoor Lighting Solutions.” 

– Jan W.

Can I see a demo first? 

You might be surprised how many options there are in outdoor lighting designs. And when you change one element of the design, the resulting differences can be pretty dramatic. Seeing what your lighting design will actually look like before you commit is an important step. Do you prefer a warmer yellow tone, or a cooler white tone? How bright do you want those landscape spotlights to be? Some questions you can’t answer without a demo, so be sure you can get one and know you’re getting the lighting design that feels and looks just right.

“Great team to work with. They provided a great lighting plan and even allowed us to “test drive” the lights before installing. We were very pleased with the outcome too.” 

– Todd W.

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