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10 Places for Outdoor Lights Around Your Home and Property

The look, comfort, and appeal of your home starts beyond the edges of your property. Before you even turn in the driveway, you see what’s ahead. Is it well-lit, welcoming, and warm? Outdoor lighting helps to create a home that’s inviting and elegant from first glance. Beyond curb appeal, consider the rest of your home’s exterior and yard, too: why not make the most of your outdoor spaces, yard, and garden? If you’re wondering where outdoor lights should be placed, here’s the list you need: 10 spots in your yard or outdoor areas that can benefit from well-placed and thoughtfully chosen outdoor lighting.

1: Front entrance

Set the stage for a warm welcome by illuminating your front entrance. Consider installing wall-mounted sconces on either side of the door and a modern overhead fixture that coordinates with your home’s colors and style. 

See our guide to outdoor lighting fixtures and components for help picking out the perfect fixture for a sparkling entryway. 

2: Pathways and walkways

Guide your guests safely through your yard with lighting along pathways and walkways. Whether it’s using low-profile ground-recessed lights or elegant path lights, lighting these areas is good for safety and visual appeal. 

Get the best tips and inspiring ideas for better pathway lighting in this post

3: Driveway

A well-lit driveway does not mean you’re blasting the neighbors with high-wattage bulbs at all hours. Driveway lighting can be elegant and well-defined. Illuminating your driveway helps to improve visibility for cars and safety for outside play. Line the edges of the driveway with lights or consider using bollard lights to create a well-defined and inviting entrance to your property.

See more tips for amping up curb appeal to get the best look on your block. 

4: Porch

Make your porch or veranda a cozy and inviting space with hanging pendant lights or wall-mounted sconces. A ceiling-mounted outdoor fan can keep the breeze going so it’s pleasant to sit outside even on warmer nights. If you enjoy decorating for holidays or having seasonal plantings on display, be sure to incorporate some spotlights to show off the decor after dark. 

Learn about the 5 keys to great home uplighting to really make your home’s exterior shine. 

5: Steps and staircases

It’s easy to overlook steps in outdoor areas, but that’s a mistake. Even a short staircase needs lighting, to provide visibility and keep everyone safe as they navigate those areas after dark. Plus, paying attention to these details gives a finished look. You can illuminate each step from either the sides or underneath, or with flush-mount fixtures on the risers. 

Check out this post for lighting ideas for stairs and other upgrades. 

6: Deck or patio

When St. Louis summer hits its peak, the prime time for enjoying your deck or patio is after the sun goes down. You can extend the usability of these areas with great outdoor lighting. Typically, you’ll want a variety of fixtures that provide spot lighting and ambient lighting. Consider recessed lighting and post lighting, and string or bistro lights for a truly magical feel. 

The deck is just the beginning; learn more about outdoor cafe string lights in your backyard.

7: Outdoor kitchen

Put a little thought into an outdoor kitchen design and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come. There’s nothing more relaxing than grilling a good meal and relaxing with friends and family. Add a counter or table next to the grill for prep and supplies. Perhaps an outdoor bar is in order? And of course, you’ll need outdoor lighting to make it functional and even more fun. 

Get grilling with our top 9 tips for hosting a summer backyard party. 

8: Outdoor dining area

When you define outdoor spaces for cooking, dining, playing, and entertaining, it’s like you create a whole house outdoors. You can go for an elevated outdoor dining experience with sleek furniture and modern pendant lights. Or keep it casual and charming with cushioned outdoor chairs, strategically placed spotlights, and programmable LED string lights. 

Here’s our guide for bistro lights and LED cafe lights for outdoor dining areas.

9: Garden beds

Transform your garden beds and landscaping features into captivating focal points with strategic lighting. Spotlights can show off that magnificent oak, seasonal plantings, or other features in the landscape. Gardens look different in the moonlight; provide enough outdoor lighting to show them off and enjoy the magic. 

See also how to handle changing landscape forms with outdoor lighting. 

10: Water features

Enhance the allure of water features such as ponds, fountains, or waterfalls with well-placed lighting. Programmable LEDs can add color and a mesmerizing glow. Spotlights accentuate the cascading water, adding drama and charm. There’s nothing more calming than the sound and sight of water. 

Take it to the next level and learn how to create your own affordable backyard oasis.
We’re here to help with outdoor lighting in the St. Louis area–so if you need some bistro lights, water feature lights, or landscape spotlighting to enjoy your home even more, get in touch.

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