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The Power of Upscale Outdoor Lighting for Home and Business

You might not think of outdoor lighting as something that has the power to make or break a home or business, but when you consider how much impact it can have on first impressions, you’ll see why it’s so important. Upscale outdoor lighting can turn an ordinary house into a stunning showplace, and can make a good business look great. By using the latest technology and design trends, we can create an amazing lighting plan that will perfectly showcase your property. 

Let’s take a look.

From dull to dazzling with luxury exterior lighting

There is no doubt that outdoor lighting has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of harsh, unattractive floodlights that seemed to have only one purpose: to blind and disorient anyone who came near. 

In our modern world of luxury exterior lighting, outdoor lighting has become an art form in itself, meant to create inviting atmospheres and set the tone for any given space. Whether used as a subtle accent or directly illuminating an important focal point, outdoor lighting can completely transform a home or business. 

Besides, how sad to have a beautiful space with poor lighting or dingy fixtures. It’s hard for people to forget their first impression. To create a sense of polish and quality, imagine your lighting system as one that begins at the very edges of the property and continues all the way inside. 

The best fixtures lead to the best results

At Outdoor Lighting Solutions, we’re down-to-earth people who appreciate the simple things. But simple doesn’t mean cheap! Something we never forget is that quality always matters. Ultimately, your recipe is only as good as your ingredients, right? So we make sure to use the best ingredients — or lighting fixtures — to create absolutely breathtaking results. And it’s working out, because we have the privilege of designing outdoor lighting systems for some of the most beautiful properties in the St. Louis area.

One of the best parts is getting to work with our clients for customization that fits their vision. And with so many different kinds of outdoor lights to choose from today – from classic high-end outdoor lanterns to sleek string lights and everything in between – there is truly something for everyone when it comes to luxury exterior lighting. 

Upscale outdoor lighting for the atmosphere you want

Outdoor lighting serves a variety of purposes, from providing safety and security to highlighting architectural details or creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

For luxury homes or businesses, it can be used to create a sense of welcome and invite guests in with dramatic entrances or captivating landscaping. This can be achieved through careful placement and an expert selection of fixtures. By opting for backlighting, ambient lighting, or spotlights that highlight particular features of your exterior space, you can achieve the look you want and make your property truly stand out. Not only that, you’ll also be able to adjust the outdoor lighting for the mood you want to create at any given moment, ranging from festive to subdued. That’s a great ability to have, particularly if you frequently entertain in your home and outdoor spaces, or if you’re a business owner or venue manager. Setting the mood with the environment is one of the keys to success with any event, whether that’s a fun backyard birthday or an elegant dinner party.

When you’re ready to move from dreaming to doing, get in touch. We’ll come to your location, help design the perfect lighting system, walk you through the options, and even create a demo so you can see exactly how the lights will look before installation. It’s a no-guess, no-risk process. We’re proud to be St. Louis’ choice for upscale exterior lighting.

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