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Lighting Up Clayton Homes with the Perfect Outdoor Lighting Designs

Back in 1876, when the City of St. Louis split from St. Louis County, the county courts were left without a home. A farmer by the name of Ralph Clayton donated 104 acres to house the courts, which was supplemented by another small land donation from the local blacksmith and merchant Martin Hanley.

And thus, the city of Clayton was born as the new County seat.

Of course, it wasn’t much of a city then. The courthouse got most of the action, and a few residents and businesses grew around it to form the beginnings of a community.

Now, Clayton is a vibrant community with a bustling business center, a great downtown, excellent public schools, and lots of parks. 81% of Clayton is dedicated to residential or park use, but the business district nestled in between the quiet, tree-lined streets houses over 7,000,000 square feet of office space. The walkable downtown area holds restaurants and cafes, boutiques and shops, many housed in historic buildings.

Lighting up homes in Clayton

Let’s take a closer look at the residential homes in Clayton.

While they vary, of course, in size and style, Clayton homes have a distinct stateliness that is both elegant and welcoming. The Clayton housing market is fairly competitive; houses usually sell after about 40 days on the market, with an average price upwards of $500,000. 

If you’re lucky enough to call Clayton, MO your home, you certainly want to make the most of living in such a great community with beautiful surroundings. And what better way to enhance the look and feel of a Clayton home than with a custom-designed, professionally installed outdoor lighting system?

We can’t think of a better way, honestly. 

Good outdoor lighting can be a great way to enhance the look and feel of your Clayton home. It serves the practical purpose of providing security and visibility, but that’s just the beginning. The real benefit of professional outdoor lighting is how it highlights the beauty of your home. Well-done lighting is subtle and effective. It’s not garish or ostentatious; it isn’t about showing off, but about creating the perfect lighting environment to suit your home’s features. Thoughtful landscape lighting design also supports the way you prefer to relax and entertain. Whether you prefer an energetic backyard pool party, or a quiet dinner on the patio with a few friends, the right lights make all the difference.

Outdoor lighting design for Clayton homes

When we bring our outdoor lighting services to a Clayton home, we like to start with the overall system design. Of course, if your Clayton house already has professional outdoor lighting, we can work with what you have. But it’s important to think about the different areas of your home, driveway, garden, yard, and other outdoor spaces, and the lighting you might want in those areas first. That way, we can consider future lighting projects in the initial design, so when you decide to add those bistro lights over the pool patio or that lighted walkway to the firepit, it’s easy to incorporate with the rest of your lighting design

Speaking of outdoor lighting design: be wary of any “plug and play” type of landscape lighting systems. These are generic lighting systems with little variance, if any, in the design. They really don’t do justice to the beautiful home and landscaping designs in Clayton. 

It’s a matter of matching the right things together. Pair brats with an ice-cold beer, and pair an elegant home with elegant outdoor lighting. We believe in using high-quality fixtures and customizing each system for what our clients envision:

The best Clayton outdoor lighting company

We’re a St. Louis company with deep roots in the area. We love helping our clients all over the St. Louis area get just the right look for their homes and businesses with professional outdoor lighting design and installation. 

“Outdoor Lighting Solutions worked with me to design the perfect lighting for my property. I had a rough idea of what I wanted, and they helped me to develop it into beautiful lighting for a hardscape wall and bistro lighting for my patio. I couldn’t be happier with my outdoor lights!” 

— Valerie

When it comes to quality outdoor lighting solutions in Clayton, get in touch for a complete lighting system design, professional installation, and maintenance. 

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