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Get Your Restaurant Ready for Spring with Great Outdoor Restaurant Lighting

The warmer weather is on its way, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you can make the most of your outdoor space. If you’re a restaurant manager or owner, that means getting your outdoor lighting sorted. As outdoor lighting professionals, we work with many restaurants, commercial buildings, and event venues to create the perfect look and feel. Here is what we’ve learned about how great outdoor lighting can improve your restaurant and attract more guests.

Consider what your guests see as they approach your restaurant

Use outdoor lighting to attract attention and create a welcoming look.

The moment guests approach your restaurant, they should be drawn in by attention-grabbing outdoor lighting that creates an inviting atmosphere. The entryway should provide a subtle yet attractive aesthetic, giving potential customers the feeling of safety and comfortability as they walk in. Opt for a warmer hue that hints to customers that their experience will be cozy and delicious. After all, outdoor lighting is the first impression you give to patrons so make sure it’s welcoming and aesthetically pleasing enough that they feel compelled to enter your establishment.

Consider what your guests want in an outdoor dining experience

Use outdoor lighting to make outdoor dining areas appealing and inviting. 

Outdoor dining can be an appealing and inviting experience, especially when you have the right lighting. The right lighting in outdoor dining areas creates a tranquil and calming atmosphere. Lighting sets the tone and controls the mood. Patterns and colors can add visual interest and make outdoor spaces come to life. From colorful, festive lights to subtle warm washes or a welcoming glow spilling along pathways, there’s so much potential through the use of modern outdoor lighting.

Create the right kind of outdoor dining environment

Use bistro lights to create stylish eating areas which can be festive and bright or cozy and romantic.

Bistro lights are a great way to create an outdoor dining experience that is both stylish and unique. These flexible lights can be fashioned into different configurations depending on what you need. From brightening up late summer nights with a cheerful display of color to creating a more intimate setting for your outdoor gatherings, bistro lights can do it all. With professional installation, you can have bistro lights wherever you have outdoor spaces. We measure the area and install custom-cut poles to support the bistro lights at the right amount of tension. These simple but dramatic lights really change the whole mood of outdoor dining and make any meal feel like an occasion.

Use wall sconces to create intimate dining spaces and provide subtle lighting.

Lighting plays an integral role in the atmosphere of any restaurant, and installing sconces along the walls is an excellent way to create both a warm ambience and a sophisticated décor. Once lit up, these fixtures cast a perfect blend of dim light allowing customers to feel relaxed, creating an inviting and comfortable setting for them to enjoy their meal. Sconce lighting also provides unique decorative touches to your restaurant as there are numerous styles available to choose from, ranging from traditional rustic designs guided by a classic candle effect, to modern industrial fixtures with sleek geometric lines. By making use of wall-mounted lighting options such as sconces, you can be sure your restaurant has more than enough light without sacrificing aesthetics.

Expand your restaurant from indoor to outdoor seamlessly

Use outdoor lighting to create a natural flow between indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of creating an inviting atmosphere for customers who want to dine at your restaurant. 

  • Replace bright, harsh fluorescent bulbs with soft, ambient lights to make outdoor spaces comfortable and inviting so guests feel relaxed. 
  • Use strategic lighting throughout the space to seamlessly transition from inside to outside areas.
  • Illuminate pathways, benches, and overhead canopy structures to blend different parts of the space together and draw attention to different areas. 
  • Incorporate decorative elements, like string lights wrapped around balcony supports or spotlights on trees, to enhance the outdoor dining experience and make it more special for customers.

If you want to increase business at your restaurant, one of the best things you can do is ensure that it has excellent outdoor lighting. With well-designed outdoor lighting, you can make your restaurant more welcoming, increase your dining area, and create a unique ambiance that will keep guests coming back. If you’re not sure where to start or what kind of fixtures would work best for your space, contact us. We’ll work with you to create a custom design and quote for your restaurant’s outdoor lighting.

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