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Ladue Homeowners: Here’s How to Get Better Landscape Lighting

Welcome to Ladue, Missouri

The town of Ladue was established when St. Louis county was a rural landscape of farms and small communities. Now the county is a bustling center for people living, working, and playing, and Ladue is a top-tier town in this larger area. Ladue has a population just under 10,000, and is known as one of the best-educated and wealthiest areas in Missouri. 

Ladue has notable landmarks such as The Price School and Ladue Chapel, and family businesses that have been established for generations. Ladue can also boast a long list of notable people, including Stan Musial and August Busch III. The real estate market in Ladue is very competitive, and the average home price is over $1m.

If you’re lucky enough to call Ladue your home, it’s no surprise you want to honor this beautiful area by bringing your house to life with upscale, well-designed landscape lighting. If it’s time to upgrade your landscape system, or completely redesign all your outdoor lighting for a lush and elegant look, here’s what you need to know. 

Start with a complete landscape lighting design

Elegant landscape lighting starts with a complete design. Just as you wouldn’t build a house without a complete set of architectural plans, you shouldn’t haphazardly get lights installed in different places. The result won’t be cohesive unless there’s a plan tying all the elements together. 

  • “The result of a good design is a cohesive, finished look that increases curb appeal and makes your home look steller, anytime.” Read more.

To plan a landscape lighting design, first think about what you want from your outdoor areas. How do you use the outdoor spaces? Are there outdoor areas which are underused because they’re not appealing once the sun goes down? Or, does harsh utilitarian lighting put a damper on outdoor gatherings and relaxation? 

  • “By taking the time to plan your landscape lighting design, choosing the right fixtures, and placing them well, you can create a livable outdoor space that’s perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or simply enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.” Read more

Work with professionals who will consider your preferences and priorities, and design a system customized for your vision. Not sure where to start? Take a look at these questions to ask your outdoor lighting designer. Or get in touch to schedule a house call so we can go over your needs and plan your landscape lighting from the ground up. 

Different types of landscape lighting for Ladue homes

Any worthwhile modern landscape lighting system will be a low-voltage LED system. LED bulbs last longer and have a better output quality than incandescent bulbs. And while we love the idea of solar lighting systems, they’re just not quite adequate for the big job of landscape lighting. LED systems do the job while are both cost-effective and energy-efficient. 

Here are several types of landscape lighting to consider for your Ladue home: 

  • Uplighting: When it comes to outdoor lighting, uplighting is an essential part of the system. Exterior uplighting across the front of your house creates a uniform elegance and a beautiful nightscape. Then, you can add strategic uplighting to landscape elements and features around your home. Read more.
  • Bistro lights: Cafe-style string lights have Edison style bulbs and are associated with Parisian cafés and inviting bistros. They offer a unique ambiance that other lights can’t provide, and are perfect for outdoor areas used for entertaining. Read more.
  • Walkway lighting: Use these lights to create a sense of welcome and guide guests along designated walking areas. Wherever you have a path, you can have great outdoor pathway lighting. And, with the current options in walkway lighting fixtures, you can choose complementary but differing styles for different areas of your yard and home. Read more.
  • Hardscape lighting: Hardscaping includes permanent installations, such as a concrete retaining wall, a swimming pool, a deck, a driveway, or a gazebo. Hardscaping also includes less permanent elements, such as a swing, a  bench or seasonal decorations.The right type of lighting for hardscape elements makes the usable areas more enjoyable, and can help hide the less appealing surfaces while highlighting the areas you want people to notice. Read more

Set the look for your Ladue home’s landscape lighting

Landscape lighting systems can be designed to complement a home, and to create a certain look and feel. If you use a one-size-fits-all, pre-designed system, you won’t get more than a generic finished look. To create an outdoor elegance that fits your home, go with a custom landscape lighting design. 

  • “In our modern world of luxury exterior lighting, outdoor lighting has become an art form in itself, meant to create inviting atmospheres and set the tone for any given space. To create a sense of polish and quality, imagine your lighting system as one that begins at the very edges of the property and continues all the way inside. Read more.

Focus on upgrading the lighting around areas that are focal points, and consider how you can use lighting to make the most of your outdoor living spaces. The right fixtures make a huge difference in the final look, as well. Choose high-quality fixtures which complement your home’s architectural style and color scheme.

  • “Not all outdoor light fixtures are the same; each type has certain uses and benefits. High-quality materials will weather better and last longer. Stainless steel is a great choice for a modern look. Brass fixtures will slowly develop a natural patina that just adds to their classically beautiful look. Read more.

Ready to get started with your custom, elegant landscape lighting? Fill out a quick form, or give us a call at 314-332-2030. We’re here to work with you and design the perfect outdoor lighting system for your Ladue home. 

Photo credit: Fox2 News

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