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Sprucing Up in St. Louis: 6 Essential Springtime Chores for Outdoors

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Ahhh, nothing compares to the feeling of stepping outside and basking in the first sunshine of spring – especially here in St. Louis, where it’s a constant rollercoaster of weather experiences. Will it be sunny and warm today? Or perhaps chilly and gray? Or will we get to admire an ominous greenish-gray sky for a while? Spring in St. Louis is quite an adventure.

Despite the uncertainty of the season, it’s still a good time to take a look at what needs to be spruced up in your outdoor spaces. With a few relatively simple updates (and minimal money) you can easily give your home and yard a fresh new feel this spring. And once those summer temps have rolled in, you’ll be glad you can sit back and enjoy it in your upgraded and shaded outdoor spots.

Clean up the winter leftovers

We may not get a lot of snow here in St. Louis, but we do get plenty of cold weather, strong winds, ice, and rain. There can be lots of debris, and perhaps some damage, after a few months of winter. Now’s the time to do initial cleanup, and take stock of any bigger jobs. Make the rounds with a wheelbarrow or large trash can, gathering up small branches, debris, and anything else that needs to be picked up. As you do, check on hardscaping, gutters, large trees, and landscaping features that may have sustained damage. You can either put aside some time to tackle those jobs or call in a professional. Either way, it will be a relief to know it’s all taken care of before you have a crowd of people over for that graduation party or post-game barbecue.

Optimize your outdoor spaces

Optimize for activities that work best in sunny and naturally shaded areas. Remember: that warm spring sun feels great now, but when it’s 95 degrees and 90% humidity in mid-July, you’ll be craving shade.

Use the sunny areas for gardening and natural landscaping features, taking advantage of the natural light to promote healthy growth. Focus on using those cooler, shaded areas for comfortable outdoor living spaces.

Get organized

A little bit of effort can go a long way here. And we know, we know: it’s never fun to spend a day cleaning out the garage. But it’s much more tolerable on a pleasant spring day than a sweltering June afternoon. The same is true for those other outdoor spots that tend to accumulate toys, tools, and all that random stuff. There are three steps to accomplish: declutter, clean, and organize. First, gather up those random items and sort them out. Then, with the space cleared, you can do a quick cleaning. Sweep up debris and spiderwebs, wipe down surfaces, and hose off larger areas. Now you’re ready to organize. Hang gardening tools in the shed, gather up outdoor toys in a bin or chest, and get sports gear organized in the garage.

Stock up on supplies

Once you’re organized, stock up on the things that will make outdoor time better. There are fun supplies like water balloons, bubbles, and outdoor chalk. Then there are the practical things, like handheld fans, insect spray, and beer koozies. It doesn’t hurt to add in a few inflatable beach balls, outdoor games, and s’mores pokers.

Beat the heat

When summer blooms in its full glory, there are two things you need to enjoy your outdoor spaces: shade and a breeze. Think about how you can bring in more shade around relaxing and entertaining areas. Outdoor curtains, umbrellas, and shade sails can be good temporary solutions if you don’t want to invest in permanent structures. They’ll also create more privacy and elevate outdoor areas into spaces that feel welcoming and comfortable. For porches, gazebos, or other outdoor areas with an actual structure, consider installing an outdoor ceiling fan to generate a cool breeze.

Light up the night

Summers in St. Louis mean long sunny days and relaxed evenings. Where does your yard need outdoor lighting to make it safe, usable, and fun on those summer nights? 

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Pathway lights near sidewalks, entrances, and steps.
  2. Bistro lights over the deck or patio.
  3. Spotlights on a new landscaping feature.
  4. Pathway lights leading to the fire pit.
  5. Color-changing lights around the pool.

Get in touch if you’d like a free estimate on outdoor lighting that can make your whole home and yard sparkle at night. Ready for even more ideas? See these 7 outdoor living space upgrades to make the neighbors jealous.

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