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Easy Ways to Improve Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

improve outdoor lighting

Want to make your home look and feel better? It’s time to improve the outdoor lighting. Not only does it enhance safety, but it also adds great curb appeal. Lighting makes your home look more polished and feel more welcoming. Here are some tips that have a big impact on the way that people see your house.

  1. Add More Fixtures

Most homes have some outside lighting, but it’s often lacking. One way to improve outdoor lighting is to add a few more fixtures in key locations. If you have a ceiling-mounted porch light, add a wall-mounted fixture on each side of the front door. Put pathway lighting along the side of the house to lead the way from one area to another. Take a look at the dark spots and shadowy areas, and notice where a few more fixtures would make a difference.

  1. Create Uniformity

Uniformity happens when you have the right amount of fixtures, spaced at the proper distance from each other. It’s also important that they are angled correctly, and that the bulbs match in temperature and intensity. This allows the light to “wash” over your property, giving it an even glow that looks fabulous. When you see a great home with great uplighting, it’s because there’s uniformity from the lights. Home uplighting is a sure way to improve outdoor lighting.

  1. Upgrade Old Fixtures

Don’t let your outdoor lighting make your home look dingy or outdated. Upgrade old fixtures that are broken, worn, or inadequate. Even replacing one or two fixtures can make a big difference. Newer fixtures also have LED bulbs with lower energy usages, so you’ll be improving your home’s efficiency too.

  1. Choose Complementary Lighting

Light fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. As you add and upgrade lighting, choose the design that compliments the style and color of your home. For a contemporary home, choose sleek lines and modern shapes. If your home has traditional décor or a cottage-rustic vibe, pick light fixtures with an antique or more ornate look. 

  1. Install Bistro Lights

Bistro lights and other string lights can improve outdoor lighting by creating a great cafe-like ambiance. You can hang bistro lights from tree to tree, at the corner of a house, over a patio, or around an outdoor seating area. They create an elegant yet cozy look. When you create intimate spaces with smaller light sources like these, you can enjoy special outdoor spaces anytime.

  1. Use Dimmers and Adjustable Light Bulbs 

Dimmers and adjustable light bulbs let you create a different lighting ambiance for different moods. Dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of adjustable light bulbs. You can soften the mood for a quiet relaxing evening, or turn the lights up for a big celebration. Some adjustable light bulbs allow you to adjust the color of the bulbs, as well.

  1. Automate Your Lights with Timers 

Timers are a simple way to improve outdoor lighting. They’ll reduce the energy cost of lighting and prevent excess light pollution. There are very simple, mechanical timers as well as advanced timers you can control via smartphone apps. Both will ensure that your lights come on and off at the right time. We love helping our customers design the perfect lighting systems for their home, or upgrade what they already have. Get in touch today to schedule your consultation and we’ll help you improve outdoor lighting for your home.

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